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Soar the Sky With Peace of Mind

You can better enjoy your aircraft when you know it’s being looked after and maintained properly. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you take care of your plane inside and out.


BOLDAviation provides many types of inspections to suit your aircraft needs.  Pilots should remember that certain periodic inspections are required by the FAA. Conducting proper inspections ensures the airworthiness of your aircraft. BOLDAviation provides many types of inspections to suit your aircraft needs.


BOLDAviation provides high-quality maintenance and repair services to ensure your safety while operating your aircraft. Maintenance is separate from inspections, and pilots should never postpone necessary maintenance or repairs. Our commitment to quality keeps your aircraft looking its best and running well.

Annual Inspection

A great flying machine deserves proper maintenance. Our maintenance team will fulfill all items required by FAR standards, and ensure your airplane is back in the air as quickly as possible!

Pre-Purchase Inspection

At BOLDAviation, it is our primary goal to assist our customers in reducing the stress of purchasing an aircraft. During the Pre-Buy Inspection, our team will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the aircraft and logbooks to help you understand what you are purchasing.

AOG Service

You want to fly, and we want to make sure your airplane is airworthy to get you there safely! Our team will assist in your AOG issues and get you back in the air as quickly as possible.

We are conveniently located just north of the main terminal at Indy South Greenwood Airport - KHFY.

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